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Turn Your Shower Into the Self-Care Session You Need

Candles, mood music, and you're good.

Though we treat showers as routine tasks we need to get done daily, they really are magical rituals that treat our bodies like the temples they are. Yes, Cleansing is necessary, but it’s also very spiritual and can relax our bodies and minds in the morning before we tackle the day, at night before we lay down to rest, or any time in-between. 

So, then, how do we transform such a mundane duty into something much more tranquil? The keys are surprisingly simple. Here, all the ways you can make your next shower the ultimate self-care session.

Set the mood 

One of the big unlocks when it comes to self-care is getting in the right headspace. Turn your shower into a spa by upping the ambience. Dim the lights, bring in a candle or two, and play relaxing music that helps you unwind and sparks joy.

Indulge in natural hair products

Your hair needs to be worshipped as well and nothing does that better than safe, high-performance products. It’s why we created the Pure Collection, a responsibly-sourced, clean, and positively supernatural trio.

Take a second for a scalp massage

Bring the relaxing indulges of a salon appointment home with you with a 60-second scalp massage, which helps to increase circulation for a healthier environment for hair growth. 

The finishing touches

Your shower may have wrapped up, but your self-care session isn’t complete until you seal in the moisture and relaxation your body just experienced. Finish out by applying an ultra-moisturizing body cream and a leave-in conditioner for added hydration.

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