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How to Get Healthy Hair, According to Atelier Fekkai Stylists

Healthy hair is not an elusive goal: It’s all in a repeated and sustained routine. But yes, there are a few steps to achieving the hair of your dreams, which lies in some agreed-upon facts across stylists and hair experts worldwide. 

Here, a few of our hair health best practices — with the expert guidance of some of our Fekkai stylists.

Your hair needs sun & pollution protection.

After shampooing with the Pure Collection shampoo for a clean base and protection, apply The Pure Collection Mist on wet hair,” advises stylist Krystel Cuadra. “Let your hair air-dry for a natural textured look.” 

The mist also provides protection against pollution and heat styling so it packs quite the serious punch.

Skip daily hair washing for co-washing.

Though a clean scalp is absolutely the foundation for healthy hair, your scalp’s natural sebum needs some time to work its magic, keeping your hair moist and protecting your skin from infection among its many important jobs.

To let this happen naturally and effortlessly, skip daily shampooing for co-washing, suggests stylist Stephanie Andre — especially for curly and thick hair. “You can rinse your hair and apply The One Restore Conditioner on the mid-length and ends,” she recommends. “Rinse out afterward” and alternate this with every other shampoo session.

Double shampoo when you actually do.

Stylist Michelle Aloi feels the most important part of styling your hair is in the shower and we couldn’t agree more. “The health of your scalp is what will give you beautiful hair,” she reminds us. Her secret? “Make sure to give yourself two shampoos.” Aloi prescribes a quick, clarifying rinse like The Universal One just for the roots first and then a follow-up with something more moisturizing like our The Ultimate One.

Get frequent trims.

“Get a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks — even if it’s just a trim of all your ends,” instructs Aloi. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of a little length: It’s actually the key to long, healthy hair.

Feed your hair from the inside out.

Having your healthiest hair is as much about what you put into your body as it is what you put on your hair. Up the protein in your diet with beans, whole grains, fish, and nuts to feed your hair from the inside out, in essence. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, and E, iron, and zinc will also give your hair a boost of health and strength.

Protect your hairline.

Who doesn’t love a sleek ponytail or topknot? But Madison Avenue stylist Lisa Epperson reminds us that tying your hair back all the time can thin out your hairline. “Leave out the hairline when you tie the hair back,” she encourages. “Then, pin the hairline on top for less stress.”

Take color care seriously.

Hair color can be truly transformative and at the very least fun, but before taking the leap, have an honest conversation with your stylist about your lifestyle and how much upkeep the color you want requires. If you’re lightening your strands, make sure to add in weekly masks and reparative formulas.

By Faith Cummings

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