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4 Steps to the Perfect Wash Routine

The One Campaign

The way you wash your hair sets the foundation for everything else: from how moisturized and nourished your strands are to the flawlessness of your blowout. And believe it or not, there is a science to doing it correctly—it’s one of the key reasons why a salon visit always results in hair that you find hard to mimic yourself.


But not to fret as the perfect wash routine is just four steps away. Read on for our Atelier Fekkai-approved techniques.



Little-known fact: shampoo should only be applied to your scalp. To achieve this, add a measured helping of shampoo to one of your palms and then add shampoo to your scalp in a thorough fashion—steering clear of the lengths and ends of your hair. When you eventually rinse, the water will distribute the shampoo throughout your strands for a holistic cleanse.



You’re getting massages for your body, but are you doing the same for your hair? Scalp massages should be done daily and at the very least, each time you wash your hair. They help stimulate blood flow, energize your hair follicles, and lift your roots. You can get a full technique breakdown here.


The Pure Conditioner


Though all-over conditioning feels soothing and makes your hair soft, it’s best to only apply conditioner from a few inches below your roots to your ends. This keeps that greasy feeling at bay by ensuring the reparative powers of the conditioner do not interfere with your scalp’s natural sebum.



Though it may give your body a bit of a shock, a cold rinse to end your routine is critical. It helps to seal health-giving ingredients in your hair’s shaft by closing them, as well as boosting shine.


*Pro Tip: Once a week, swap in a nourishing mask for the conditioner step and leave in for 3-5 minutes.

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