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Yep - Your Beauty Routine Can Combat Burnout

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Revive and reconquer with these tips.


So much of our lives are about speed and instant gratification, from the constant pinging of our phones to the technology that makes everything available for public consumption with just a few taps of our fingertips - including ourselves and an intimate look at our routines. Combine that with careers that require longer hours and an “always-on” approach and it’s no wonder that so many of us are burnt out. 


And that’s not just an expression. Burnout was officially classified as a medical diagnosis by the World Health Organization this year, with close to two-thirds of people across industries experiencing it at some point throughout the year. We’re happy to report that there are ways to combat the stress and exhaustion-induced condition, especially using one of our favorite forms of slowing down and reflecting — our beauty routines. 


To get a proper set of instructions, we consulted with Biet Simkin, a master of joy and reflection as a spiritual teacher, artist, and author of Don't Just Sit There!: 44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into the Real World. Leading a life of mindfulness and encouraging others to as well, she promotes self-care and beauty as ways to celebrate being present and grateful.


Here, Simkin’s advice on how we can use our beauty routines to combat burnout, how to develop your own personal affirmation, and more.


Choose a mantra.

“Overwhelm is a choice,” is Simkin’s personal affirmation. It helps to ground her when things are getting chaotic. She advises picking a mantra that can help bring you back to a centered place at any time, any place.

Indulgence is a skill.

“I care a lot about my beauty,” Simkin affirms. “And that’s not non-spiritual. You want to have fun, but people start feeling self-conscious.” She reminds us that indulgence is a skill — “more of a skill than we realize,” she adds. Not just the act of it, but actually being present and enjoying it. Simkin herself was taught that self-care was a vital thing when she was younger, so she has always been an advocate for it. But it’s never too late to start.

DIY is your BFF.

Simkin loves to go in and get services, but she’s no stranger to doing facials, scrubs, and gua sha right in the comfort of her own abode. “You can do all of these things at home,” she reminds us. Don’t ever feel like your beauty routine needs to be costly and constantly fueled by new products to be good for you and effective.

The One Campaign

Practice gratitude.

Gratitude lists are something Simkin creates daily and she recommends it for everyone. “Gratitude is a state of being,” she affirms. “It’s a thing you are and not a thing that you do.” Simkin loves expressing gratitude for her face and having products that are made with a lot of care. “I am enamored with how incredible these products are,” she repeats to herself. Your beauty routine is an opportunity to express love for yourself. 

Change your perspective.

Though burnout feels insurmountable right now, Simkin reminds us that today is no more stressful than life was in the past. The Earth was quieter, there were less people, there was no social media, no internet, and no cars — so society was quite different. But life was much more brutal and there was less clarity on how to survive. When it comes to beauty and bliss though, there has always been a block. Simkin recommends getting to a space where you can ebb and flow with life’s inevitable changes, instead of being annoyed by them. “Don’t see them as problems, see them as portals through which you can reach freedom,” she advises.

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