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7 Hair Commandments For Your Best At-Home Blowout Ever

How you apply your styling products can make a huge difference.

For a stylist, a blowout is a relatively simple request, as long as a blow dryer, a hairbrush, and a sink is handy. For someone not trained in the art of hairstyling, it can be quite the challenge. 

Not only do we need to master styling the back of our hair (which is no easy feat, even with a mirror), but we also have to manage the arm workout we get from maneuvering both a brush and our blow dryer. 

Not all home is lost, though... Getting the perfect at-home blowout is possible. It just takes some effort, the right products, and expert tips. We tapped Frédéric Fekkai Salon stylist Kevin Marques for his tried-and-true techniques.

Create the right base with clean shampoo, conditioner & an enriching mask.

The pre-blowout products you use are just as important as your actual blowout technique — they create the perfect foundation of clean and moisturized hair that will give you your shiniest and strongest strands ever. It’s why we created our Pure Collection, which is naturally-potent, plant-based holistic hair care—free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones. Use it for incredibly clean, shiny, hydrated, and protected hair. 

Remove excess moisture with a T-shirt.

Did you know that towels can be harsh on your hair? In our salons, we take special care to use the softest, strand-friendly versions, but softness isn’t always a given for those we use at home, which can lead to unnecessary friction and breakage. We recommend removing excess moisture from your hair with a T-shirt post-wash for less harsh treatment.

Add some heat protection & volume spray.

Overall, it’s best to use the lowest temperature of heat possible when heat styling, but sometimes it’s necessary to turn up the temps to straighten each strand. Regardless, you should have your hair protected. Try our Pure Collection Mist before plugging in your blow dryer. It helps to shield hair from the damage caused by the heat of styling tools, as well as pollution. 

Then, it’s time to enhance the volume. Spray our One Up Lift and Volume Spray all over your roots and comb it through. 

Tools are everything.

A great brush is key to getting the blowout of your dreams every single time. Kevin recommends investing in a boar bristle style like this one from RAINCRY before getting started. 

And who could forget the blow dryer? Editors and stylists alike are raving about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and we’re inclined to agree  — you can’t go wrong with it, no matter your texture.

Start from the front.

Kevin recommends starting from the front - brushing your hair forward towards your face, following with the blow dryer, from root to tip until hair is 75% dried and the brush can pass through without any resistance. Then, start to brush your hair back to ensure it’s all dry and that any waves, curls, or coils are smoothed out. Repeat this technique in every part of your hair.

For wavy & curly hair, seal with a flatiron.

Though our blowout technique is foolproof, there’s no harm in sealing the deal. Kevin suggests using a flatiron to seal your ends and make it shiny — especially important for wavy and curly hair that needs a bit of extra straightening for long-lasting hold. 

Add the finishing touch.

Finish off your blowout, with some hairspray that will lock-in your style, while still giving it some flexibility. Our paraben-free One To Hold hairspray protects against flyaways and will leave your hair soft and touchable. 

Make it last.

There’s nothing worse than doing the perfect blowout—only for it to last just for one day. To make it  last, Kevin recommends using a silk pillowcase and even a silk scarf when you sleep, avoiding humidity, wearing a shower cap so the steam doesn’t cause flyaways, and using dry shampoo the next day if needed to absorb oil. 

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